Well that time is almost upon us for Easter!  My favorite activity is decorating Easter eggs!

Did you know that you can use egg white to decoupage paper napkins onto eggs?  Let me explain…

First what does decoupage mean?

Decoupage Definition
With this technique – the “cut-out” will be a paper napkin and the “varnish or lacquer” will be egg whites.  I found this technique originally on this blog.

The steps are super simple and easy to follow.  Gather the following supplies to get started:


  • Egg for decorating (we used a blown out egg – learn how here)

  • Egg to use for egg white

  • Paper napkin

  • Scissors

  • Bowl

  • Brush


  • Trim the napkin to a size that will easy wrap around the egg without too much excess.

  • Whip the egg white in the bowl until it’s light and frothy.

  • Brush a small amount of egg white onto the egg to adhere the napkin.


  • Keep brushing the egg white over the napkin to smooth it against the egg (you may have small creases, just smooth them down with more egg white).


  • Set the finished egg to the side to dry!

  • You’re finished!!

Wasn’t that super easy?  Have fun decorating eggs with your kiddos favorite characters!


Happy Easter!


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