What I’m currently up to…

Etsy!!  I love it! I love it so much I’ve actually created two shops!

The ShareMyARTBox Etsy shop features art boxes, digital download art themed printables, art themed clothing, mugs, totes bag, jewelry, etc.!  All things ART! 🎨

Give my little shop a visit and let me know what you think!  ShareMyARTBox on Etsy.

Collecting succulents and propagating them led to the creation of Pergola Plants on Etsy!  Well, hundreds of sales later… I have a little business! 🌵 I’ve since moved to the desert and the succulents are more of a challenge so the shop now focuses on general gift items with a little plant inspiration!  You’ll find clothing, mugs, tote bags, printables, etc.

Check out PergolaPlants on Etsy!

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