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Courtesy of Flickr Todd Binger.

When I created this website, I wrote this slogan for myself – “What our children create today shapes our future for tomorrow”.

This article I ran across today describes exactly that.  It’s so important that our children create:  drawing & painting, writing, music, any creative process that is of interest to them.  What they create does not matter, just that they CREATE period.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Here is the introduction to the article…

Education minus art? Such an equation equals schooling that fails to value ingenuity and innovation. The word art, derived from an ancient Indo-European root that means “to fit together,” suggests as much. Art is about fitting things together: words, images, objects, processes, thoughts, historical epochs.

Read the entire article here:  Art in Schools Inspires Tomorrow’s Creative Thinkers | Edutopia.


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