5 Easy Kids’ Wall Art Projects is guest post by Jane Blanchard.


Nothing makes kids feel prouder than seeing their artwork on display and nothing makes a house feel more like home than very personal pieces on the walls.  Here are a few family art projects to make your blank spaces a little more playful.


Changing Gallery Wall

Via The Caterpillar Years

We all know what the magic of gallery walls can do for a room, and you could easily create one for your kids’ space that looks amazing.  If you really want to add a special touch, you can not only let your kids make the artwork, but give them the freedom to change out the pieces as they desire.  Follow this tutorial for making a kid-friendly gallery wall out of empty frames, fishing line, and clothespins. Your kids will be excited to display their artwork somewhere other than the fridge!


Hand and Footprint Art

5 Easy Kids Wall Art Projects Hand and Footprint Art

Via Mommypotamus

5 Easy Kids Wall Art Projects Handprint Art

Via Nanny Goat

Hand and footprint art is as sentimental as it is adorable.  You can include the whole family, from your baby to you and your spouse.  If you have older kids, let them paint their own hands or feet however they want for a colorful and personalized piece.  If you want something a little less messy, trace everyone’s hands on a piece of scrapbook paper of their choosing and display them in order of size in a frame.


Chalkboard Wall

5 Easy Kids Wall Art Projects Chalkboard Wall

Via Pure Green

Painting a wall with chalkboard paint will allow the whole family to decorate using their imagination. Chalkboard walls can also add a modern touch to any room in your house, from the kitchen to the playroom.  Your kids will love the freedom to express themselves, and you will enjoy how low maintenance this is once you get it set up!


Cardboard Tube Painting

5 Easy Kids Wall Art Projects Cardboard Tube Painting

Via Treehouse TV

For this one all you need is paper towel rolls, a canvas painted a solid color, and any other bright colors of paint you or your kids want to incorporate. Your kids will have fun dipping the cardboard tubes into the paint and creating their own masterpiece, and you’ll enjoy how clean and modern it looks even though the kids made it!


Wall Decals

5 Easy Kids Wall Art Projects Wall Decals

Via Petit Collage

If you want something a little less permanent than a chalkboard wall, decals are a great way to give your kids freedom to create wall art without worrying about accidents. With decals, they can use the whole wall to create an undersea adventure or a bright garden. While it may not display their artistic genius, it can certainly display their creativity.


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