Lake Tulloch

Lake Tulloch

Our family recently traveled up to the Lake Tulloch area of California for a mini vacation.  I was eager to escape the traffic and congestion of Los Angeles in exchange for blue skies and beautiful landscapes.

I was very pleased with my choice of location to spend a few days away enjoying nature.  We were met at our vacation cabin by neighborhood deer, a wandering fox, and roaming wild turkeys.

With such a great landscape right outside my window, I couldn’t help but want to capture it with a little watercolor landscape painting.  My daughter is always eager to create with me, so off we went to gather some art supplies.

Lucky for us the local town of Copperopolis is very artist friendly and we were pleased to find a great local gallery and art store to pick up some painting gear.

We also had the pleasure of meeting their store Mascot, Mulligan – a fluffy kitty perched among the shelves of art supplies happily greeting the customers.  I decided that watercolors would be the best choice for us since they are easy to use, safe for kids, require minimum set up, and they pack and travel well.

Here’s a peek at the art supplies we picked up and the artwork we created:


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We couldn’t wait to get started.  Once I decided what I was going to paint, I asked my daughter if she was going to paint the same landscape.  She said she really wanted to paint an owl instead.  I encouraged her to paint whatever she wanted and most of all to have fun!  After all, we were on vacation so anything goes.

My daughter describes her painting as an owl sitting under a rain cloud catching water at night – very imaginative and descriptive!

I found some time later in the day to add a few more finishing touches to my little painting. I really enjoyed the time my daughter and I spent together exploring the landscape and finding time to create art as well.

Here’s my little finished watercolor landscape painting of Lake Tulloch and Maisie’s Nighttime Owl.

Tulloch Watercolor Landscape Painting

Lake Tulloch.  Prints of this painting are available for purchase at Society6.


Maisie’s Nighttime Owl


I’m looking forward to making creating art together part of our future family vacations.

I’d love to start a collection of art to keep as memories of our trips together.

Find some time today to create with your kids.  You’ll never regret the time well spent.


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