Rembrandt van Rijn Juno

My Princess and the Queen


Fantin-Latour Peonies in a Blue and White Vase

Fantin-Latour Peonies in a Blue and White Vase

One of the reasons behind creating this blog was to share fine art with my daughter and to keep those memories documented. Our recent wanderings in LA led us to The Hammer Museum.  I was happy to share their fantastic permanent collection with her and talk about the artists as we admired each painting.  Being that she’s 5, we made our trip fairly quick and I snapped as many photos as I could to remember the fantastic paintings.

The most memorable moment of that day was when my daughter observed the Fantin-Latour painting, Peonies in a Blue and White Vase.  She remarked “look mommy these flowers are like yours”.  She was referring to a duplication I have in my office of a Fantin-Latour painting that is one of my favorite paintings.  I’ve always admired his paintings and duplicating his style of floral painting taught me so much about painting in the style of realism that I truly admire.  

The fact that she would recognize my painting as being “like his” was flattering, even from a 5 year-old.  Another highlight of our visit was my daughter’s admiration of Rembrandt’s Juno.  This portrait is truly spectacular and to capture my daughter “presenting” me the Queen was just adorable.

I also discovered they have free family days on Thursdays.  For more free museum days in LA visit here.

Enjoy a few gems from their collection!


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