The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and I don’t know about you, but all the shopping and planning for holiday parties and family gatherings can lead to some added anxiety and stress.

Why not plan a night in to de-stress with some good friends?

Nothing is a better stress reliever than some time well spent in the art studio!  If you can make it even more fun with a creative cocktail, I say why not!

Let the creative “juices” flow and pair art history inspired craft cocktails with an art project inspired by the same artist!  These mixologist approved recipes are sure to create a multi-sensory experience for everyone to enjoy.

I have paired each of these fantastic craft cocktails with art projects I personally crafted inspired by the featured artist.  The image of each art project will link you directly to step-by-step instructions and list the supplies necessary for each project as well. Now on to the cocktails…  


A Sweet Embrace, inspired by Gustav Klimt.

the-kiss-sweet-embrace art history inspired cocktail

Gustav Klimt‘s artwork is admired by adults and children alike with patterns and textures combined with beautiful gold inspired by the Byzantine period. 

This Klimt inspired art project is good for all ages.  You can recycle used wine corks to make easy stamps to create your own beautiful gold background pattern for a holiday tree.

Settle in with your craft supplies and this Klimt inspired cocktail for a night of creative fun!    


Dreamy Dusk, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

This cocktail mimics a night at the cafe with its bold color combinations and strong flavors.

Van Gogh is one of my favorites!  His unique application of paint sets him apart as one of the most iconic painters of all time. Van Gogh’s artwork can be recognized in an instant. 

His thick application of paint combined with magnificent pure bright color appeals to all ages.  This fun Van Gogh art project is created using painted rice.  Yes, you can paint rice… one piece at a time, just kidding (you’d be shocked how easy it is).

*This is a two-step art project.  The rice needs to be painted and allowed to dry before it can be used to create the mosaic image.  A little prep work is required to plan ahead.

The painted rice allows you to “paint” your Van Gogh with rich color and texture without breaking the bank on expensive paint!  


Hat’s Off, inspired by Henri Matisse.

Matisse was a painter, a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor.  He was known for his bold, bright use of color in both paint and paper.

This Matisse inspired art project is created using cut paper (coffee filters).  Repurposing common household items into creative art projects is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it can be repurposed to create a festive art piece you can use to decorate during the holidays or perhaps a holiday card design (hint hint)!

In his later years when Matisse was unable to paint as he had before, he began to “paint” with scissors and he cut shapes out of painted paper and arranged them into beautiful compositions.  


One Bad Apple, inspired by René Magritte.

René Magritte is a surrealist artist who was most known for his paintings of ordinary things in unusual settings or arrangements. 

His paintings would challenge the way the observer sees reality.  This Magritte inspired art project is fun and easy for all ages.  The dove is created using a stencil from Magritte’s original painting. 

This style of painting is easy to replicate with your own subject matter as well.  Just print an image to use as a stencil and create any background you would like.  Apply your paint in layers for a similar look to Magritte.  


Frida Mezcahlo, inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo is one of Mexico’s most well-known artist. 

She was most recognized for her surreal and highly personal works. Adorned with bold colors and Mexican influenced design, this art project is a fun way to create a “Frida” style self-portrait or portrait of a loved one.

Frida suffered an injury in her childhood that inflicted pain upon her the entirety of her life.  She took up painting and it became a vehicle for her to express the challenges of her life and her appreciation for her native Mexican culture.  


Forget Me Not Sangria, inspired by Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali is one of art’s most recognized surreal artists.

His unusual landscapes usually exhibit dream-like, fantasy qualities.

This mixed media art project combines various watercolor painting techniques with the collage of botanical print elements to create your own version of Flordali.

Create your own Dali inspired botanical print!  


Cherry Pomegranate Spritzer, inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

Who doesn’t love Georgia O’Keeffe?

She was an American Painter known for her distinct flowers, dramatic landscapes, and iconic bone paintings.

This winter landscape inspired by O’Keeffe’s painting is created using various watercolor techniques demonstrated in an easy to follow, step-by-step art project.


There you have it!  7 unique artisan cocktails paired with 7 art projects.  The perfect pairings for an art P’ART’Y any time of year.

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