My little lady and I decided to start our Sunday morning with a tea lesson at Chado Tea in Pasadena.  We were part of a small tea lesson and tasting.  We were taught about the tea leaves and how they are handled and developed for each different kind of tea.  Did you know all teas come from only one plant?!

It really was a great lesson and little Miss M. loved every minute of it.  We of course delighted ourselves with tea party treats while we tasted about 7 varieties of tea.  Being only 5, my daughter has a very developed sense of taste, if I do say so myself.  Her favorites were the jasmine and darjeeling, while I preferred the more mild white teas.  With our bellies full of scones and tea, we decided to head to downtown LA for The Big Draw LA event at the Grand Park LA.

I was looking forward to checking out one of The Big Draw LA events scheduled this month.  I was amazed to find such a beautiful park in downtown Los Angeles.  You wouldn’t even know that is was there as it’s not clearly visible from the streets as you drive by.  The park is spectacular and has a large fountain surrounded by small fountains in a very shallow wading area.  An awesome place to take the kids on a hot day.

The best part… yes, there is a STARBUCKS in the park too!!  You know where you’re going to find me escaping to this summer ;o).  The park had several drawing stations set up and large sprawling sheets of paper for visitors to take part in The Big Draw.

We stopped by one of the tables of supplies and picked up a few drawing materials and made our way to a fresh open section of paper in the shade.  We had a great time sketching and doodling for a bit and leaving our contributions to the drawings.  The sun was out and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.


Being so close to one of our favorite hang outs – Little Tokyo – we decided to stroll over to grab a bite to eat before we headed home.  We walked the few blocks to save on parking and enjoyed the sights along the way.  I really love downtown on the weekends, free of traffic and crowds.  It really is a great place to visit!

We enjoyed some sushi (remember her advanced taste buds – she eats things I wouldn’t dream of ;o).  We had to make a pit stop at my favorite mochi store, Fugetsu-Do, for a little treat on our walk back to the car.

Fugetsu-Do is family owned and operated since 1903.  You can’t get fresher mochi anywhere in town.  Miss M. enjoyed her treats as we wandered our way back to find our car.


I surprised myself with how much we accomplished in one afternoon, and we had a great time.  I’m so glad that I’ve started this journal of our artistic and creative adventures together.

Miss M. will be able to look back and remember our fun times together, as long as I keep up my hosting!  I snagged a great deal from Bluehost -so we’re live until at least 2016! ;o)

I’m looking forward to planning what’s next!

Plan an adventure with your little one today!



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