There I said it.

I suck at blogging – especially when there is art to be made.  I’m finding my peace, admitting my faults, and allowing myself to carry on.

When I started this site I had huge expectations of all the cool art projects I’d be creating, all the blog posts I’d be writing, the online business I’d be creating, all the new blogging friends I’d meet, blah blah blah.

Well, I haven’t really done much of any of that.

I definitely have met some really cool people and that’s worth all of it.  The rest of it – I’m disappointed, I’d rather just say it and move on.

I’ve decided to change my website, yet again, and this time I redesigned the home page – and I think I like it!  It’s just me and what I want to share, that’s all.  Nothing fancy, not the ultimate “online” resource on anything… but me.

I just can’t do all that I aspire to right now, but I can do one thing at a time.  Right now I’m focused on making art again.

Deep down it’s what I love doing most.  It always has been and somehow life got in the way and I forgot just how important making art is to me.

I hadn’t really drawn or painted much since Maisie was born and that’s a sad fact.  A doodle here a painting there, but not much.

I started creating art projects for My Kids’ Adventures and that was really fun… until they decided to stop updating the site 🙁

Momentum was lost… until Wendy Piersall challenged artists on Instagram to a 15 minute art challenge.

Make art, 15 minutes (that’s all), and post it!  Can I just say it was the most fun I had in quite some time!  Thanks Wendy (check her out on Instagram) – You’re a creative inspiration to me daily.

Here’s a little collage of some of my art for the #15MinArt challenge!



Now my latest creative challenge has been inspired by Caroline Kelso (Made Vibrant).  I ran across her lovely hand lettering and even purchased her Better Lettering Course!

I just love her style and design.  She posts a monthly Instagram challenge to practice your hand lettering.

I dove right in for April.  Here are the results of my April doodles.


This challenge brought me back to my illustration days of college.  Heck I even dug out some art supplies I haven’t seen in over 20 years – like my lovely Prismacolor pencils pictured above.

Now wish me luck for May – follow my progress on Instagram (@crystalfoth)!

So how will you be creative today?


PS – every time I’m ready to hit the publish button I get really nervous… getting past those nerves and just getting on with it!

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