While browsing the internet for virtual museum visits, I happened upon #ColorOurCollections.  While it happened in February (I’m late to the party), the resources they share are still valuable and worth sharing.

This is from their website:

Launched by The New York Academy of Medicine Library in 2016, #ColorOurCollections is an annual coloring festival on social media during which libraries, museums, archives, and other cultural institutions around the world share free coloring content featuring images from their collections.

The annual #ColorOurCollections week generally occurs on the first full week of February, when new coloring books are released on this website and shared throughout the week by the participating institutions on social media. The coloring books from 2020 and previous years remain accessible year-round for free download.

You can see the full list of all 2020 participating institutions here.  As well as 2019, 2018, and 2017.

I browsed through the various coloring books and these were my favorites (each image will link to the pdf for you download directly):


To add a little bit of fun – this week in my emails I also received a few coloring pages from Tiffany & Co. 

I thought I would include those as well! 


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