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The two things that inspire me most are being a MOM and being an ARTIST!

I have a little artist at home and I want nothing more than to encourage her to express herself and find joy in making art.  I want her to see that making art is a way of life and something that can be a part of every day.

I encourage all parents to share art & creativity with their children and EVERYONE should know they can acquire the skills necessary to see their creative ideas come to life!

Why Fine Art Mom?

Fine Art Mom Time to CreateAs a Mom, I am my daughter’s first teacher.

My daughter will learn from me how to create the life that she desires.  I’ve seen in just her first 6 years what an amazing person she is.  I’m so excited to see what her future holds for her.

I am committed to giving her the best possible childhood I can.  I want her to learn, travel, create, and play!  Her childhood will set the stage for the life that she will create.

She will know there are no boundaries, the choice will be hers.  No matter where her creative life leads her, she will have nothing but support and encouragement along the way.

I plan to journal about our adventures together here at Fine Art Mom.  This will be my place to share things that are important me, I find inspiring, and basically just anything I want to share.

I will include some creative “recipes”.  I’ll give you some fun projects that you can share with your kids step-by-step.  I’ll show you easy and fun it can be!

Most of all, I want parents to nurture and support creativity with their children.

Draw, paint, and create together as a family…  What our children create today shapes our future for tomorrow!

My Artistic Journey

Oprah quoteI feel that anyone who desires to be an artist – whether it be a painter, writer, photographer, etc. – can learn and follow their creative dreams.  My personal creative journey has been in Fine Art – Drawing & Painting. Anyone can learn to draw and paint, it’s not just for the “talented” few out there.  All you need is the right instruction and encouragement and someone to show you the way.

I first became more aware of my love for drawing and painting when I was in middle school.  I pursued art through my high school and college years and finally landed myself with a B.F.A.  I thought I was officially an “artist” but something was missing.

I remember sitting in the college parking lot on the day of my graduation thinking to myself… I really don’t draw or paint like I dreamed of.  This left me feeling empty and a bit lost.  Being a new college graduate I had no time to waste, on to the job search!

My “dream job” while growing up was to work in the feature film industry.  The “Hollywood” life was calling.  I worked my way through art departments, visual effects studios and major movie studios (yes I worked for them all – Walt Disney Pictures, Dreamworks & Warner Bros.) only to find that while my jobs were amazing to my friends (check out my IMDB credits), I was still feeling empty and dissatisfied.

What was missing?  I wasn’t drawing or painting anymore!  I was spending countless hours managing other artists, but not creating myself.  I wanted to get back into “real” drawing and painting – with pencils,  paints, paper and canvas!

I looked for some art classes and eventually moved out the film industry all together and into art instruction full-time.  I recently contributed to an article about my career change into teaching.  See that article here.

I Became An Art Teacher!

Fantin-Latour Oil Painting DuplicationWhat a wonderful experience it has been.  After learning The Gluck Method, I began to impart this method to students and saw them bloom into aspiring artists.  Now that is rewarding!  I finally felt that I was spending my time and energy doing something that was fulfilling and rewarding to myself and others.

The missing piece of the puzzle in almost every art classes I had ever taken before The Gluck Method was TECHNIQUE.  I knew with my earlier education and experience that I could draw and paint relatively well compared to my peers, but not like the “Old Masters” and those beautiful masterpieces hanging in museums.

What was their secret?  Well, I finally learned the answer!  The Gluck Method is the answer.  You can learn how to use your materials with the right techniques to create traditional, representational fine art.  With traditional skills and a little imagination, the world is yours to create!

For more information click here.

This painting you see above is my duplication of Henri Fantin-Latour’s Large Bouquet with Three Peonies. Creating my version of this painting was a personal milestone for me.

Set your own creative goals and go for it!

Be creative… and share the joys of creativity with your children.

Tell me – how can I help you?

Feel free to tweet me @CrystalFoth or contact me here.


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