So to celebrate Father’s Day instead of buying the usual cards and gifts, I asked my 5 year-old daughter if she wanted to create paintings for her Dad and her Grandfathers.  She was more than delighted.  I needed to stock up on paint, so a quick trip to Michael’s and we were set.  You have to love their online 50% off  coupons.  You can’t beat that.  I found this great set at one heck of a great deal (about $25.00 with the coupon).  We needed a new table top easel and some fresh acrylic paints so it was perfect.  My daughter was so excited to create her gifts.  She sat down with her pencil and sketched out her ideas.  I asked if she wanted me to help her in making her plans, but she wanted to do this all on her own.  So I became her painting assistant for the day!  I helped her mix the colors of her choice and keep her brushes clean while working.  After all, she did have three originals to do in one day.  I just let her express her ideas exactly as she planned.  This was time for her to create and she loved every minute!

This is the result of her hard work!


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