Child with Chalk

Childhood Artist courtesy of Wyoming_Jackrabbit on flickr

Drawing and Painting are the most basic means of creative expression for any human being and nurturing that desire in our children is imperative.   I truly feel that as a Mom, I am my daughter’s first teacher, not only in Art, but in everything.  It is my obligation and privilege to show her new things, bring new experiences to her world and share with her endless possibilities that lie ahead for her in this life.

As an Artist, it was natural for me to want to draw and paint with her from the time she was old enough to finger paint and scribble.  Knowing that I would instantly want to introduce her to art, I didn’t consciously make an effort to teach her.  I just let her explore.  We had pencils, paints, chalk and other art materials available to her and she was naturally drawn to them, no pun intended!  As soon as she realized she could create something, she was hooked!  I still have piles of her scribbles that mean so much to me being her first creations.  Most of the time she would tell me what they were and I would note the descriptions on them.  Her early works were of the abstract nature.  It was amazing to see how she communicated so much for someone so new to this life.  I realized that even without my influence on my child, drawing and painting for kids is just something that comes naturally.  The want to create is there from the beginning.  I wonder how many of us forget it was ever there?

I haven’t been able to paint much personally since my daughter was born.  Working full-time and being Mom to a beautiful 5 year-old daughter has kept me busy.  Deciding that I wanted to create this website has sparked my creative juices again.  I’m creating… just digitally now.  I’m learning new things, having new ideas and molding and shaping them into what you see here.  I make notes as the ideas swirl around sometimes afraid those little wisps of inspiration will leave me.

Born To Create

We’re all born with it, now use it!

Many Moms out there are not artists and may feel they cannot guide their children in drawing and painting without being an accomplished artist.  Some may think they are crafty, great at cooking or fantastic at writing but not drawing or painting because they’re not naturally skilled at art.  That is the furthest thing from the truth.  Anyone can learn to draw and paint.  That is the truth.

I have seen so many people learn to create and surprise themselves with their own abilities.  After 15 years, it still inspires me when I teach to see them blossom as artists.  Many artists don’t like to share that.  They enjoy keeping their talents a secret as something special just for them.  Well, I’m not one of them.  I believe in sharing those skills with anyone that simply wants to learn.  My goal is for all Moms to be their child’s first Art Teacher, show them what’s possible and let them do the rest.  Draw and paint with your child.  Remember you were born to create.

I had already written this post and I just happen to find this great little poster on a very nice blog (  I paid with a tweet, so I’m sharing it with you.

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