We took some time to visit the LA County Fair this weekend.  One of my favorite things to do is visit the Fine Art exhibit hall every year.  Don’t get me wrong – we ate some fried food and played some games too ;o).

I’ve always loved seeing the artists at work and their art work on display ever since I was a kid.  This year the collection of artists on display included; watercolor and oil painting, mosaics, glass blowing, sculpture and puppetry.

It was a nice diverse collection of art forms to appreciate with my daughter.  At the end of the gallery and shopping area we found a workshop area for kids.  They were working on a wall mural of hands and inviting the little visitors to add their hand to the collection.  I couldn’t help but take part with her.  We sat down with our crayons, markers and scissors and got to work.  We both added our hands to their collection as you see above.

We also joined them just in time to enjoy a little shadow puppet show for the kids.  My daughter loved it!  She was so intrigued as to how it all worked and the puppeteer invited the kids behind the box to see his puppets, lights, etc.  As a matter of fact, she was so inspired that we had our very own puppet show a few days ago with a few puppets she created.  I helped her create her stage from a handy keyboard box. ;o)

Pencils 2 Pixels Animation at the Fair

One of the other exhibit halls I was eager to walk through was the Pencils 2 Pixels animation exhibit.  Some of the displays brought back fond memories of the time I spent working in animation and feature films.

My very first studio job was at Walt Disney Pictures as an intern and I loved every minute of being associated with the production of major feature films.  I also worked at DreamWorks in the very early days of the studio and the first project I worked on was a pre-production test for Shrek.

While I enjoyed all the experiences I had working in the film and animation industry, I’m glad that I returned to fine art.  The joys of personally creating fine art and teaching that to others has been so rewarding.

I love finding any opportunity to share art with my daughter and I hope to share them all here!

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