Look at that smiling face.  How do you like those “teacher” glasses?  Have you ever seen a kid so happy to be doing their homework?  If this isn’t what homework time looks like in your home, time to give it a new twist.

Make homework time play time, why not?

Here’s what we do – we play “school” of all things.  Maisie is five and loves to play creatively all the time.  We play “family”, “school”, the inevitable “Barbies”, etc.  When we are acting and playing, it doesn’t seem like work at all, no matter the chores.  We make it a game and enjoy ourselves.  Our chores get completed while we have fun and spend time together.

Work or play: It’s all in your attitude

According to Helpguide.org, play matters:

“When researchers studied preteen children’s attitudes about play, they discovered that some children called almost everything they did “play” while others called almost everything they did “work.” Reconnecting with the children at the end of adolescence, the children who thought of everything as play were more successful and happier in school and were more content socially than the people who saw everything as “work.”

The creative imagination in children is full of wonder and excitement.  Encourage your kids to use their imagination as often as possible.  There will be a time when they may use it less freely, so we must encourage them as much as possible when there is an opportunity to be playful and put that imagination into high gear.

How many times do you wish you had someone to help you fold clothes?  I know I sure do at times.  Just get creative with your story and you can a smiling face like this one ready to help you!  Maisie loves to help me out anytime she can.  Giving kids a chance to help you around the house gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.  It also helps them feel like they are contributing to the household.  Make a fun game out of it and next thing you know the chores are done and you’re smiling along the way.

No matter what the day brings you, find time to play creatively with your kids.


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