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I have to thank Studio Mothers for sharing this quote on Friday.  I just love it and couldn’t help but share it also.  I wish I had that re-blog feature like, but I don’t – so here you go!!

Part of my goal here at Fine Art Mom is to not only share my creative adventures, but share other creative women out there spreading their creative wings.  Both Studio Mothers and Chic-Type are great examples of that.

The clean typography and strong message in this quote really resonate with me.  I plastered it all over my social media :).  I love strong clean graphic design.  Takes me back to my college days of Illustration.  I’m a sucker for good type and great fonts!

Let me leave you with another great piece from Chic-Type below.

Fine Art Mom Happiness Quote from Chic-Type

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The choice is truly yours!

What choice do you make?

Have a great Sunday!  As my daughter and I would say… Be Creative!

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