Driving home from work today I listened to the first episode of the Parenting Adventures Podcast.  In this opening episode, Michael Stelzer connects with busy parents and tugs at your heart strings.

As a parent who works full-time, I desire more time and connection with my daughter.  Our kids grow up so fast, time is something we can only spend once – so let’s make good choices.  Before we know it – our kids are all grown up!

I’m proud to share the following article to help spread the word about this brand new podcast!  It’s important for parents to spend quality time with their kids.  This podcast will provide fun and easy ideas!

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Article courtesy of Parenting Adventures Podcast

San Diego, CA June 13, 2014  

For busy parents looking to spend quality time with family, MyKidsAdventures.com has launched a new audio podcast called Parenting Adventures.

Arriving just in time for summer, the Parenting Adventures Podcast is designed to help bring fun back to the family in an easy-to-consume audio format. See http://www.parentingadventures.com.

Through thoughtful conversation, the host and creator, Michael Stelzner, helps parents overcome the “I’m bored” complaints of their kids. He’ll showcase success stories and conduct expert interviews with leading parenting pros.

Listeners will discover how others like themselves find and create quality together time while also hearing tips to improve their family life.

My Kids’ Adventures launched in July of 2013 as a free resource. The site is full of free how-to articles that provide parents (and grandparents) with step-by-step instructions to create fun activities in the home, the backyard, or the great outdoors.

The Genesis of My Kids’ Adventures

It was Michael Stelzner’s passion for family that sparked the creation of My Kids’ Adventures. As a dad of three kids under the age of 12 and a busy working professional who loves his work, he often found himself with little creative juice at the end of the day.

“This is really the continuation of my journey as a parent. I realized that my challenges were universal and there was something I could do to help improve the lives of others,” he explained. Michael also hosts the popular Social Media Marketing podcast—a top 10 marketing podcast on iTunes.

About My Kids’ Adventures

My Kids’ Adventures™ is an online magazine designed to make it easy for busy parents to create adventures with their children anywhere—and it’s from the founders of Social Media Examiner. Visit My Kids’ Adventures: http://www.mykidsadventures.com.

Useful Links

Podcast main page: http://www.mykidsadventures.com/podcast/

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/parenting-adventures-podcast/id883716455

Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/social-media-examiner/parenting-adventures

RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/parentingadventurespodcast

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