I wrote this post in January and never posted it… time to get over whatever is keeping me from updating this blog.  I admit it – I have this fear of posting things that I don’t think will have “tremendous value” to my readers.  I wait for an epic art project or event to share, but it holds me back.  Yes, it’s been over 3 months and that is just way too long.  So here goes, and I’ll update it a bit as it’s now mid-February!

Here we are in 2015!  I haven’t done much on the resolutions front for fear of just not holding myself to them yet again.  Last year was a struggle for me, if I’m going to be completely honest with myself.

On the first weekend of this year I snapped this photo with my daughter while viewing the Rose Parade floats.  I think this year needs to be the year of dreaming big for me.

I seem to have a lot of ideas for projects, creating, new products, etc.  but somehow nothing seems to get done.  Maybe I need to listen to this fortune that appeared recently at lunch with Maisie at Panda Inn.  😉

Maisie and I avidly watch Shark Tank together.  We dream of one day going on that show together.  What will that business be – who knows, but you gotta start somewhere right?


Invention Fortune Cookie

Shark Tank here we come!


Why do I just not seem to get anything done that leads me to where I want to go?  I think I only have so much… “get stuff done energy” and lately it’s just all spent on things that I “need” or “have” to do not “want” to do.  It’s either work zapping my time and my mental space (at work and at home) or things other than what I really want to be accomplishing.

I find myself sometimes in the midst of the mindless internet wandering and then suddenly think… but why am I not working on the “stuff” I really want to get done.  What’s that about?  I’m not really sure or am I just afraid to admit the real reason?

Fear of failure.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone.

There is only one failure in life possible, and that is not to be true to the best one knows.  George Eliot

I’ve always been the type to do well at what I set out to do… for the most part.  There are some personal struggles that are an ongoing battle.  The biggest is being able to shift from what I know and trust and move to the unknown where things begin to get a bit uncomfortable… and scary.

I want to see my dreams that lie dormant begin to awaken and shed the chrysalis I’ve shrouded them in.

I want to see these dreams exist, for everyone to see.

I really don’t want this year to be the same as all the rest.

My daughter has just turned 7 and time just escapes me lately.  In the end, these dreams are not just for me they are for her too.


Rose Parade Dream Big 2015

An up close view at one of the Rose Parade floats for 2015. Maisie and I spent the day walking through them and seeing them all in person.


Maisie should see what it means to have a dream and see it come to life.  I need to show her what’s possible.

I need to stop thinking about why I’m NOT doing these  things, I need to think of why I NEED to do them.  You’d think it would be so obvious.  I didn’t even realize what a circuitous trap I keep existing in.  Time to change that.

I need to pick one, just one project, and see it through.  If it flops so what, I’ll move on.  Then the next, etc.  It’s not about making it all perfect, something I struggle with all the time.

Why do you think there hasn’t been a post on this blog for who knows how long?

Each time I think of posting, I talk myself out of it.  The thoughts race in…

– Who really cares what I’m up to?

– I don’t have some fabulous art project to share!

– Am I really adding value?

The answer to that is yes… I’m adding value, I’m just being me and that’s valuable enough.

2015 needs to be different… because it’s time.

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