Does that ever happen to you?  

I realized something this week about how I think and why it needs to change.  

Settling into these midlife years… yes, I’m soon to be 43 and proud!  I’m feeling compelled to share what’s going on and some of the realizations I’m having.  I hope you don’t mind me exploring those thoughts with you.

Tomorrow is never a promise and we must appreciate the here and now.  

Today is a gift, don’t take it for granted.  

This is something I need to keep reminding myself about lately.  Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting today, wanting tomorrow.  I’m not taking the time to appreciate and have gratitude for what I have today and being OK with it.  I need to stop making my happiness contingent upon what tomorrow brings or what the future has in store.

So why the change it thinking?  

Well, it starts with my drive home from work one night listening to a podcast.  I love podcasts (I mean really LOVE them).  They can be life changing, I kid you not.

They are my little indulgence and I love my time alone when I can just escape and listen.  

I learn, I think and then sometimes I… stop in my tracks.  

Tonight was one of those times.

I had moment driving home that just hit me like a ton of bricks.  Jeremy and Jason from Internet Business Mastery were discussing their lifestyle business strategies and reflecting on some lessons learned.  

They talked about how we can set goals, achieve them and then settle in a new normal – still seeking that ever evasive “happiness” we were looking for when we set those goals in the first place and not recognizing accomplishments and happiness along the way.

I’m beyond guilty of this.  I’m sure that anyone reading this is guilty too.  I guess the first step to changing this mindless circuit is to be mindful that it’s happening.

I have some big goals and I’ve not met them – I can be real and honest with myself and say…  I’m not even close to achieving them and I’m not really sure exactly what they are any more so progressing towards them has become a mirage.  This never-ending seeking of something I don’t have is really bringing me down.  I have a feeling I’m not alone in this thinking pattern.

I need to stop it.  

You need to stop it.  

We all need to because it does not serve us.

It does not bring us light and peace, only guilt, shame and darkness.    

It’s time to stop thinking about;

the art I’m not creating,

the exercise I’m not doing,

the business I don’t have,

the blog I don’t update (changing that with this post),

the money that is not in my savings account.

I think you get my drift.  

Part of my new habit to help change this pattern of thinking is to be creative everyday, even if just for a moment.  I have such joy in a little doodle, painting, quote that it feeds my soul and is something I MUST do to keep me going in the right direction.

I’m sharing my creative adventures on Instagram – please take a look and enjoy a peek into all that makes me happy.


My little happy place to share what I love…

Are you with me?

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